Hello BeautifulI was lucky enough to be introduced to the inspiration that is Jane Hutchinson earlier this year when I began my research into hats to accompany the wearer through chemo.

Alongside her design partner in crime, Kevin Helton, she runs Hello Beautiful which, in her own words is “an artistic concept that aims to strip out the negative energy associated with breast cancer, and in turn highlight the beauty that can be found within this struggle” The Hello Beautiful festival coincided with the launch of the Stella MacCartney double mastectomy “Louise Listening” bra.

With the help of an incredible team, a motivational series of speakers and an array of beautiful food products that were non-toxic, vegan, raw AND delicious, we had an extraordinary 4 day festival. The opportunity to sit and chat to the women that have gone through this life-changing experience and hearing their stories was touching and great. We had a lot of fun and I can’t wait to work with more that need hats through this daunting time. Keep an eye out at www.lizzielock.co.uk for news on when the hats become available to buy..

Thank you Jane x


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